With an increase in stress in our everyday lives, be it social stress, work stress, or even financial stress, our body is being constantly affected by it and this has caused common illnesses to manifest. With the variety of processed and junk food being consumed nowadays, the incidence of cancer rates has become much higher. To reduce the chance of suffering from a debilitating illness, one should always seek to screen their health for potential or even existing conditions.

Health screening packages

There are many comprehensive health screening packages out there in the market today which focus on detecting a variety of illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, hepatitis, etc. These comprehensive tests are much more expensive and they include: blood test, ultrasound, x-ray, ECG, analysis of urine and stool, etc. For the basic screening packages, they usually cost much lesser and they will only screen for your general health, taking blood and urine samples, and then providing you an analysis of your hematology, renal, liver, lipid/cardiac, and diabetic profiles.

Genetic screening

The advancement of technology has enabled the scrutiny of our genes in a closer manner: we are now able to detect if there is a mutation in our genes that could cause cancer. If your family members or relatives are diagnosed with cancer, it is best to undergo genetic screening to be fully aware of your possibility of having cancer. In the event that you are diagnosed with cancer, you are able to seek treatment early and prevent the onset of it, saving you from a life-threatening situation.

Referral options

When you have decided to take up a health screening package at a medical check up clinic in Singapore, be sure to check the clinic’s credentials. Some of them do have tie-ups with specialists who are experts in their own field, and the clinic may be able to immediately refer you to them if you are found to have a serious illness. This willsave you the time and effort of finding the appropriate treatment, compared to going to a clinic that does not offer the right medical support.

International patients

There are a variety of options for undergoing health screening or even seeking medical treatment in Singapore: you might have relocated there due to a change in career, it might have been cheaper compared to your own country, or that you feel that the standard of healthcare is much higher and you are willing to pay a premium for it. For an international patient who is in an unfamiliar country, it can be stressful to do everything on your own. Most clinics will have a single point of contact to ensure your needs, questions, flight arrangements, visa extension, and even accommodation are taken care of.

Undergoing periodic health screening should always be done to detect any illnesses, or to even know about the general profile of your health. Factors like your age, health, and even family history will determine whether you should do it once or twice a year. If in doubt, always seek advice from your doctor and maintain a healthy lifestyle if possible.